International Video Forum at the
Bauhaus Dessau Foundation 8. - 12. Nov. '95

German Version

The Studio EMI [Electronic Media Interpretation] is presenting the International Video Forum OSTranenie´95 at the Dessau Bauhaus Foundation.

In conjunction with:

The program of the Ostranenie'95 Festival

The program of the Ostranenie Trabant Dresden



  1. Condensed Images
  2. 1001
  3. Exodus

Background Information

International artists, theoreticians, journalists, representatives of media related institutions and media initiatives, are invited to take an active part in the lectures, seminars, discussion rounds, workshops and symposia. In the instance of productions and other submitted works, an international jury will select a number of artists who will have the opportunity to present their work at the Festival personally. The jury will also award up to two EMARE stipendia [European Media Artists Residence Exchange] to foreign OSTranenie applicants in order to make possible the realization of media projects in Saxony-Anhalt in 1996.

Focal points of the Festival Programme:

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